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Introducing AlaTimer: The Ultimate Solution for Managing Children's Computer Usage

Have you ever found yourself constantly telling, nagging, or even trying to educate your children about spending less time on the computer? Do arguments between siblings over computer usage often disrupt the harmony of your home? If so, it's time to relax and let Fred take control with AlaTimer.

AlaTimer is a revolutionary software that allows you to easily restrict each child's (Windows user) computer usage to a specified number of minutes per day. Gone are the days of endless disputes with messages like "it's my turn now" or "you've been on it for so long." With AlaTimer, you can set boundaries effortlessly.

When a child's allotted computer time is about to expire, AlaTimer provides a gentle reminder by displaying a pop-up message sixty seconds prior to the end of their session. This message prompts the user to log off. Moreover, AlaTimer offers the flexibility of configuring the computer to either log off, shut down, or restart automatically at the end of the allotted time period.

But that's not all. With AlaTimer, keeping track of your child's computer usage has never been easier. Simply hover your mouse over Fred's icon, and a brief message will appear showing how long your child has been using the computer and how many more minutes they have left for the day. By clicking the left mouse button, you can access the computer and internet schedule for further customization.

AlaFredy, the companion tool for AlaTimer, empowers computer administrators to effortlessly configure and manage AlaTimer settings across multiple computers on a network. With AlaFredy, a computer administrator can read, display, and modify all AlaTimer settings from any connected computer. Imagine the convenience of controlling all your computers remotely from any location as long as you have network access and administrator rights. Each time you attempt to modify the setup using AlaFredy, a password is required to ensure security. The default password is "password," but you can change it as often as needed, as long as you remember it.

With AlaTimer installed on multiple computers, managing computer usage becomes a breeze. If you feel that a user requires more or less computer time during the day, or if you want to adjust the computer or internet use schedules, simply run AlaFredy on your own computer and apply the necessary modifications. AlaTimer puts you in complete control.

Worried about the investment? Don't be! You can evaluate AlaTimer absolutely free for 30 days. Simply register each machine with AlaTimer, and you can enjoy all the benefits without limitations. There is no limit to the number of children (Windows users) that can be registered under each license.

Payment is quick and easy. You can use your bank account or credit card and make the payment securely through Paypal as instructed. Rest assured that your transaction will be handled safely and efficiently.

We value your feedback and are open to any suggestions or questions you may have. AlaTimer was designed with you in mind, with the goal of creating a harmonious and controlled computer environment for your children.

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Title: AlaTimer for Windows
Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win7
Available languages: English
License: Shareware
Date added: Friday, June 28th 2019
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Company Name : SHANIT
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Contact Name: Tedy
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