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Freeware In English V 6.1

Forget the popcorn headaches – ALLPlayer 6.1 for Windows serves up a smoother, richer movie-watching experience than ever before. This versatile media player handles any format you throw at it, from classics like AVI and MP4 to modern marvels like HEVC and WebM. No more frantic codec hunts or error messages – ALLPlayer comes built-in with everything you need to play your video files flawlessly.

But it's not just about technical muscle. ALLPlayer is like a personal subtitle fairy godmother, magically finding and synching the perfect subtitles for your movie in multiple languages. No more scouring the internet for that elusive subtitle file or getting lost in a sea of mismatched timing. Just sit back, relax, and let ALLPlayer take care of the details.

And the magic doesn't stop there. ALLPlayer lets you relive the joy of DVDs and CDs, offering playback support for your physical media collection. Want to check out that vacation footage captured on your webcam? Preview it directly in ALLPlayer! You can even connect your DV camera or TV tuner and transform your PC into a media hub for all your entertainment needs.

For the tech-savvy cinephiles, ALLPlayer unleashes the power of multi-monitor support. Optimize the viewing experience on a dual-monitor setup or seamlessly connect to your TV, creating a cinematic atmosphere right in your living room.

Audiophiles rejoice! ALLPlayer isn't just about the visuals. Immerse yourself in captivating surround sound with Dolby Surround and SPDIF support. Choose any audio output, including SPDIF, for lossless digital transmission of sound to your amplifier, ensuring pristine audio quality that matches the stunning visuals.

And finally, for those who appreciate the nuances of different languages, ALLPlayer welcomes subtitles in all known formats. Easily import and display subtitles, overcoming language barriers and enriching your movie-watching experience with every word.

In a nutshell, ALLPlayer 6.1 for Windows is the ultimate all-in-one cinema companion. It's your gateway to a world of seamless entertainment, packed with features that cater to every movie lover's needs. So grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and let ALLPlayer whisk you away into a cinematic adventure!

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Title: ALLPlayer for Android
Requirements: minimal
Available languages: English and all other languages
License: Freeware
Date added: Friday, June 28th 2019
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Company Name : ALLPlayer Group Ltd.
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Contact Name: Maciek
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