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    SEO SpyGlass New

    Shareware In English V 1.0b4

    SEO SpyGlass New is a powerful tool that revolutionizes the way you manage and optimize your SEO campaigns. With cross-project data search, all your backlink data is automatically saved and organized in a centralized database, making it easily accessible anytime and from anywhere.

    Atomic Tanks AI Upgrade

    Freeware In English V 6.2-aiu1

    Atomic Tanks is a highly engaging and exhilarating game that puts you in control of a formidable tank, where your main objective is to outwit and overpower other formidable tanks. It offers an exciting environment where players can strategically select weapons and defensive items to tactically attack opponents in a turn-based manner.

    SecurityKISS Tunnel

    Freeware In English V 0.3.0

    SecurityKISS Tunnel is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that prioritizes online security and privacy in a digital age where cyber threats and privacy breaches are prevalent. Using robust technologies like OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP, SecurityKISS Tunnel creates a secure VPN connection between your device and their security gateway.

    KinderGate Parental Control

    Shareware In English V 3.1

    KinderGate Parental Control is an advanced content filtering solution designed to create a safe and secure online environment for children. With its comprehensive set of features, KinderGate effectively filters web content based on morphological analysis, a vast URL database, download control, safe search, and HTTPS support.

    The Vault For Linux 32 bit

    Shareware In English V 3.0.4

    Introducing The Vault: The Ultimate Password Management Solution Are you tired of struggling to remember all your passwords? Frustrated with constantly forgetting your login details for different websites? Concerned about the ever-growing threat of identity theft? Have you misplaced important information like software registration keys? Look no further - The Vault is here to rescue you from all your password-related woes and more! The Vault is not just an ordinary password manager - it is an elegant and comprehensive solution that revolutionizes the way you manage your passwords.


    Shareware In English V 0.84

    G_Viewer: The Efficient and Fast File System and Photo Viewer for Linux Searching for an optimized file system and photo viewer for your Linux device? Look no further than G_Viewer. This exceptional software is designed specifically for Linux, offering a range of impressive features that will enhance your file management and photo viewing experience.

    Skybot Scheduler

    Demo In English V 3.6

    Skybot Scheduler: The Ultimate Solution for Enterprise Job Scheduling and Automation In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses rely heavily on job scheduling systems to streamline their operations and ensure seamless execution of critical tasks.


    Freeware In English V 5.0

    CAMCOM Chat 5.0 is an exceptionally user-friendly and versatile text, voice, and video chat script that can be seamlessly integrated into your website. With its hassle-free installation process and compatibility with a wide range of shared web hosting platforms, CAMCOM Chat is the ultimate solution for adding real-time communication capabilities to your online presence.

    TrueSight Linux

    Freeware In English V 1.2b

    TrueSight - A Powerful and Versatile Hex Editor for Linux and Windows TrueSight is an exceptional hex editor, meticulously designed to function effortlessly on Linux systems while also being ported to Windows. It serves as an invaluable tool for editing disk images of massive sizes that can extend into terabytes, ensuring that you have the perfect solution for your data inspection needs.

    PNaCL Transmission

    Freeware In English V 1.0.1

    Enhancing Your Bittorrent Client's Security with PNaCL Transmission In today's digital era, where online security is of utmost importance, having a secure and reliable bittorrent client is essential for users who frequently engage in file sharing. With several options available in the market, one noteworthy mention is PNaCL Transmission, a sandboxed security version of the renowned open-source bittorrent client, Transmission.


    Freeware In English V 2016.6

    @Help is an efficient CHM file viewer and help system designed specifically for the Linux operating system. With @Help, users can effortlessly open and access a wide range of CHM (Microsoft HTML_Help) files. Not only does @Help seamlessly integrate into modern Linux desktop environments, but it also allows users to simply double-click on CHM files for quick and convenient viewing.

    Comic Seer

    Freeware In English V 2.51-3

    Comic Seer is a revolutionary application that caters to the needs of comic enthusiasts and readers by providing a seamless and efficient experience in viewing, reading, and managing comics. With its exceptional speed and comprehensive features, Comic Seer has become the go-to choice for comic book lovers.

    ApPHP AdminPanel

    Shareware In English V 3.7.0

    PHP Admin Panel is a powerful and user-friendly tool that gives you complete control over your website's functionality and content management. With its versatile features and intuitive interface, you can effortlessly create and manage static or dynamic pages while seamlessly handling your database tables using the embedded PHP DataGrid.

    ApPHP MicroBlog

    Shareware In English V 3.3.0

    ApPHP MicroBlog is a highly efficient and feature-rich PHP personal blog software that allows users to create and manage their own blogs with ease. With its minimalistic design and powerful features, this software offers a seamless blogging experience for both novice and experienced bloggers.

    GroupDocs.Annotation for Java

    Shareware In English V 1.8.2

    Annotation for Java is a powerful and SEO-friendly Java library for document and image annotation. This library supports HTML5-based annotation for over 50 types of documents and images, including PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and more.

    PDF Studio Viewer for Linux

    Freeware In English V 2022

    Looking for a reliable and easy-to-use PDF reader? Look no further than PDF Studio Viewer. This cross-platform PDF reader allows you to view, annotate, and fill interactive forms with ease. If you need more advanced editing features, Qoppa Software offers PDF Studio Standard and Pro editions.

    jQuery Spell Check

    Shareware In English V 4.3

    The 'jQuery spellcheck' plugin is an exceptional tool specifically designed for jQuery flavor JavaScript, offered by This plugin facilitates the effortless integration of spell-check capabilities, including spell-check-as-you-type (SCAYT) functionality and spell-checking dialog popup windows, into any HTML web application with just a few lines of jQuery code.


    Freeware In English V 1.0

    PHPWee is a highly effective tool for optimizing website performance through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript minification. Developed by the team at, PHPWee has been proven to achieve impressive compression rates, with nearly 10% on wikipedia.

    Sebastian for Linux x64

    Shareware In English V 1.6

    Ear training is a critical aspect of musical development for many music students. However, it is also a skill that many struggle with. That's where Sebastian comes in. Sebastian is an innovative and effective tool designed to help students improve their ear training abilities.


    Demo In English V 2.3

    ByteDesigner allows users to easily assign metadata to their database elements, such as tables and columns, helping improve search engine understanding and visibility. By incorporating relevant metadata, businesses can enhance their website's SEO efforts and better communicate the purpose and relevance of their database content to search engines.