NJStar Chinese WP icon

NJStar Chinese WP

Shareware In English V 6.00

NJStar Chinese WP Version 6.0 is a comprehensive and efficient software designed to support the needs of Chinese language users. This latest release is built on Unicode, enabling it to offer support for over 70,000 different Chinese characters, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and users.

Arabic Typing Tutor Pro icon

Arabic Typing Tutor Pro

Demo In English V 2015

Conquer the Arabic keyboard on Linux! This intuitive tutor guides you from beginner to fluent, with engaging games, personalized progress tracking, and beautiful Arabic sentences to type. Boost your productivity and dive into the rich world of Arabic language today!

Graphing Calculator 3D for Mac icon

Graphing Calculator 3D for Mac

Shareware In English V 5.1

Easily create precise and visually stunning graphs of mathematical equations and data using this user-friendly software. With a wide range of powerful tools at your disposal, you can effortlessly plot 2D and 3D functions, implicit equations, parametric equations, inequalities, 3D scatter points, contour graphs, and more.

TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac icon

TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac

Shareware In English V 1.0

TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac - The Best DRM Removal Tool for Apple iBooks Looking for a professional and efficient iBook DRM removal solution? Look no further than TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac! This unique software is specifically designed to remove DRM protection from Apple iBooks, allowing you to easily copy and convert DRM-protected iBooks to DRM-free ePub files while maintaining the original quality at a 1:1 ratio.

English Intermediate Courses for MAC icon

English Intermediate Courses for MAC

Freeware In English V 1.0.1

Learn English with Englishentry Intermediate English Course, the ultimate software to help you speak fluently and confidently. With 8 practical courses, over 2000 quizzes, and more than 10,000 examples with images, you'll have everything you need to refine your English skills.

Vocabagility icon


Freeware In English V 1.1.0

Vocabagility: A Revolutionary Flashcard System for Effortless Learning Looking for a quick and easy way to expand your vocabulary and retain information? Look no further than Vocabagility! This innovative method goes beyond traditional flashcard systems by incorporating proven techniques to enhance memorization and make learning a breeze.

ListeningSingingTeacher Mac icon

ListeningSingingTeacher Mac

Freeware In English V 1.93

Listening Singing Teacher - Improve Your Singing with Pitch, Rhythm, and Loudness Training Looking to enhance your singing abilities? Look no further! Listening Singing Teacher is the perfect tool that helps you to sing in tune and in rhythm. Our unique visual feedback system provides real-time information on pitch, beat, and loudness, allowing you to develop your "mental ear" by aiming for the desired pitch in your head and adjusting your voice

TuneCrack Mac icon

TuneCrack Mac

Freeware In English V 1.13

TuneCrack: Crack the Tuning Problem - Learn to Tune Instruments Precisely Discover the power of precise tuning with TuneCrack! Often overlooked, tuning is a crucial step in any musical performance. With our innovative exercises, you can improve your listening skills and pitch transfer abilities to achieve unparalleled accuracy in tuning instruments.

StatCalc Mac icon

StatCalc Mac

Demo In English V 9.1.6

StatCalc is a highly accessible analytical tool designed to streamline statistical calculations. With a comprehensive range of 31 procedures, it simplifies the process of performing common statistical analyses. Whether you need to generate summary statistics, develop confidence intervals, or validate hand calculations, StatCalc has got you covered.

SamePitchPlease Mac icon

SamePitchPlease Mac

Freeware In English V 1.09

Ear training for understanding music is vital, and SamePitchPlease is a program that focuses on developing this skill. Unlike other programs, such as Listening-Singing-Teacher, which use a growing melody to enhance musical memory, SamePitchPlease concentrates on training individuals to keep a single note in their minds.

Pitch Ability Test Mac icon

Pitch Ability Test Mac

Freeware In English V 1.06

Discover the Secrets of Perfect Pitch with Our Scientific Approach Perfect Pitch, the ability to accurately sing a named note without a reference, has long been considered an elusive talent. However, we are here to demystify this remarkable skill with a more scientific approach.

PitchBlitz Mac icon

PitchBlitz Mac

Freeware In English V 1.05

Prepare for the Pitch Grid Test with PitchBlitz, an innovative tool that evaluates your ability to discern pitch-distances. This relative pitch test presents notes in a grid format, with rows representing different octaves and columns based on the selected grid sensitivity.

PitchGridTest Mac icon

PitchGridTest Mac

Freeware In English V 1.02

Looking to evaluate your ability to discriminate pitch-distances? Try the Pitch Grid Test, a relative pitch test that assesses your pitch discrimination skills. In this unique test, notes are presented in a grid format with octaves spanning from C2 to C5, allowing for precise evaluation of pitch-distances.

JXCirrus Maths for Mac icon

JXCirrus Maths for Mac

Freeware In English V 2.0.00

JXCirrus Maths: A Top Math Training App for Primary School Children Looking for an effective and engaging way to help your child master basic arithmetic? Look no further than JXCirrus Maths! Designed specifically for primary school children, this incredible training application is here to make math fun and accessible.

AcaStat Mac icon

AcaStat Mac

Demo In English V 10.5.2

Simplify data analysis with AcaStat! Affordable & easy-to-use, it offers crosstabs, stats, reports, AcaStat is a budget-friendly and user-friendly statistical software designed for data analysis. With its extensive range of features, you can easily create and analyze crosstabulations, perform basic significance tests, and generate summary reports.

AstroGrav for Mac icon

AstroGrav for Mac

Freeware In English V 4.5.3

AstroGrav: A Powerful Solar System Simulator for Accurate Astronomical Simulations AstroGrav is a comprehensive and high-precision solar system simulator designed to accurately calculate the gravitational interactions between astronomical bodies. Unlike traditional planetarium applications, AstroGrav provides more precise simulations of asteroid and comet movements.

Stellarium icon


Freeware In English V 1.0

Stellarium for Mac is a must-have application for both professional and amateur astronomers. This incredible planetarium software provides accurate and realistic data about the night sky, giving you an immersive experience right on your computer screen.

SOHO Organizer icon

SOHO Organizer

Demo In English V 8.51

SOHO Organizer is a comprehensive productivity suite that combines three powerful applications - SOHO Organizer, SOHO Notes, and SOHO Print Essentials. With its suite of features, SOHO Organizer enables users to efficiently manage their tasks, calend

Language Alchemist eXtended icon

Language Alchemist eXtended

Demo In English V 4.2.0

Introducing Language Alchemist eXtended, the ultimate tool for language enthusiasts, learners, and professionals. With an extensive and up-to-date vocabulary, this indispensable resource is designed to enhance your language skills in everyday use. O

Epubor PDF DRM Removal for Mac icon

Epubor PDF DRM Removal for Mac

Demo In English V 1.9.4

Epubor PDF DRM Removal for Mac is a powerful software that allows you to remove DRM protection from any PDF eBooks protected by Adobe DRM on your Mac. With this software, you can easily remove the DRM header from PDF files without affecting the quali