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TMS Async: Boost Performance and Efficiency with Serial Port Access Components for Windows.

Looking for the ideal communications package? Look no further than TMS Async. Featuring components that provide seamless access to serial ports on Windows, this package offers an advanced yet user-friendly design interface.

With its optimized event-driven architecture, TMS Async ensures the highest performance possible, allowing all tools to run smoothly in the background. It supports essential transfer protocols and comes equipped with components for building advanced comport servers.

Compatible with any type of serial hardware, TMS Async is easy to use and requires no runtime installation as it links directly to your EXE. Plus, it offers built-in support for popular protocols including XModem, YModem, and ZModem.

But that's not all! TMS Async also includes a codeless terminal component with an extendable emulation interface for seamless integration and a component for effortless visualization of status.

Experience enhanced performance and efficiency with TMS Async. Don't miss out on this comprehensive package designed to streamline your communications processes.

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Title: TMS Async for Windows
Available languages: English
License: Shareware
Date added: Friday, June 28th 2019
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