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Shareware In English V 5.5

Typing Assistant - Enhance Your Typing Speed and Efficiency

Typing Assistant revolutionizes the way you type, making it faster and more effortless than ever before. This powerful tool predicts and autocompletes your frequently used words and phrases, saving you time and effort. With an intuitive interface and powerful features, Typing Assistant is the perfect utility for professionals and word processors alike.

The smart suggestion window in Typing Assistant opens automatically as you type, displaying possible words that match what you're trying to type. With just a single keystroke, the program completes the word for you, eliminating the need for endless keystrokes and enhancing your typing speed. But Typing Assistant doesn't stop there. It learns from your typing habits, adjusting to your preferences and recognizing the words you commonly use. This not only speeds up your typing but also makes the program smarter with every use.

Say goodbye to embarrassing typos and frequent spelling mistakes. Typing Assistant automatically corrects your spelling errors as you type, ensuring flawless documents and saving you the hassle of manual corrections. It even offers the convenience of expanding your user-defined shorthand into full text. If you frequently use certain abbreviations or shortcuts, Typing Assistant can automatically expand them, streamlining your typing process and allowing you to focus on your content.

Accessing previously copied items is a breeze with Typing Assistant. It automatically accesses your clipboard history, giving you a list of your previous clipboard contents. No more shuffling through multiple windows or documents to find the information you need – it's just a click away.

Not only does Typing Assistant simplify typing, but it also enhances your entire workflow. Define custom commands to launch your favorite applications, open specific files, or navigate to frequently accessed folders. Typing Assistant seamlessly integrates into your workflow, saving you valuable time and making your work more efficient.

Designed for a wide range of professionals, Typing Assistant is perfect for authors, secretaries, journalists, translators, document creators, and even programmers. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make typing a delightful experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Don't struggle with typing any longer. Experience the difference Typing Assistant can make in your productivity. Say goodbye to slow typing and hello to a faster, more intelligent, and effortless typing experience. Try Typing Assistant today and take your typing skills to the next level.

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Typing Assistant (English) icon
Title: Typing Assistant (English) for Windows
Requirements: PC with Pentium 600 MHz or higher processor; 64MB RAM or more
Available languages: English,French,German,Hungarian,Italian,Portuguese,Spanish
License: Shareware
Date added: Friday, June 28th 2019
Users rating:
Company Name : Sumit Software
Company WebSite : http://www.sumitsoft.com
Contact Name: mao
Contact Email: support@sumitsoft.com

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