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BitFaster Express

Freeware In English V 8.0

Blast off with BitFaster Express 8.0 for Windows! Organize contacts, craft stellar campaigns, automate tasks, and track results - all in one powerful, user-friendly platform. Streamline your marketing and achieve liftoff!

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WebcamMax 7

Shareware In English V

WebcamMax: Enhance Your Webcam Experience with Thousands of Cool Effects WebcamMax is a leading webcam program that has been designed to help you make the most out of your webcam. With its diverse and impressive range of features, WebcamMax enables you to add thousands of cool effects to your webcam video, making your live video chats and streaming sessions more exciting and entertaining.

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Shareware In English V

Video2webcam is a versatile software that allows users to enhance their video chatting experiences by enabling them to display video clips as virtual webcams. This innovative tool offers a wide range of features and compatibility with various media file formats and webcam programs.

GRSoftware Email Robot icon

GRSoftware Email Robot

Shareware In English V 3.2.1

Introducing GREmailRobot: An Efficient and Versatile Windows Software for Simplifying Email Management Are you tired of spending hours sorting through your email messages manually? Look no further than GREmailRobot, an innovative windows software that revolutionizes the way you handle your emails.

Geeksnerds Outlook Express Recovery icon

Geeksnerds Outlook Express Recovery

Demo In English V 1.1.0

Geeksnerds Outlook Express Recovery Software: Your Ultimate Solution for Email Recovery Are you struggling to recover your important email objects from DBX, EML, VCF, and WAB Microsoft Outlook Express files? Look no further! Geeksnerds Outlook Express Recovery Software is here to help you.

Outlook Import Wizard icon

Outlook Import Wizard

Shareware In English V 5.5.3

With its lightning-fast speed and effortless usability, Outlook Import Wizard is the ultimate solution for importing .EML and .MSG files into MS Outlook. This remarkable application provides a flexible and efficient way for individuals seeking to transition from their current email client to the renowned personal information manager, Outlook by Microsoft.

Geeksnerds Outlook PST Recovery icon

Geeksnerds Outlook PST Recovery

Demo In English V 1.1.0

Geeksnerd Outlook PST recovery is a comprehensive tool designed to recover data from various types of PST/OST files. Whether your files are corrupted, lost, inaccessible, or deleted, this software can scan, analyze, and repair them to retrieve your valuable data.

Geeksnerds Email Recovery icon

Geeksnerds Email Recovery

Demo In English V 1.1.0

Geeksnerds Email Recovery software is a powerful tool that specializes in the recovery of email items from various file formats used by Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. With its advanced features, this software can repair, retrieve, and restore deleted, lost, or corrupt emails, contacts, calendar items, tasks, appointments, journals, and notes.

Outlook Export Wizard icon

Outlook Export Wizard

Shareware In English V 5.2.0

Outlook Export Wizard: A Comprehensive and Efficient Solution for all your PST File Exporting Needs In today's digital world, managing and organizing multiple types of data within Microsoft Outlook has become an essential part of our daily lives. However, when it comes to exporting and backing up these objects - including notes, contacts, messages, and calendar tasks - the process can be quite time-consuming and overwhelming.

Outlook Recovery Wizard icon

Outlook Recovery Wizard

Shareware In English V 5.0.8

When it comes to email communications, time planning, collaboration, managing contacts, and note-taking, Microsoft Outlook is the preferred choice for the majority of users. With its speed, flexibility, and impressive range of features, Outlook is capable of meeting the needs of even the most demanding corporate users.

EML to PST Converter icon

EML to PST Converter

Shareware In English V 4.1.2

EML to PST Converter: The Ultimate Solution for Seamless E-mail Migration In this fast-paced digital age, staying connected through e-mail has become an essential part of our daily lives. But what happens when you need to switch between different mail programs or computers? Have you ever wondered about the format your e-mail program uses to store your precious messages? If so, then look no further than EML to PST Converter.

IncrediMail to Outlook Converter icon

IncrediMail to Outlook Converter

Shareware In English V 7.1.0

With the IncrediMail to Outlook Converter, you can seamlessly migrate your emails from IncrediMail to Microsoft Outlook. This user-friendly tool makes the entire process quick and efficient. Simply launch the software if you have both IncrediMail and Microsoft Outlook installed, and you're ready to go.

Skyperious icon


Freeware In English V 1.0

Skyperious is a powerful and efficient tool for managing Skype databases, with features designed to enhance search engine optimization. It allows users to easily view and manage their Skype SQLite databases, whether they need to search for specific messages and contacts, filter and export chat histories, or examine chat statistics.

Thunder Mailer icon

Thunder Mailer

Shareware In English V 1.0.0

Thunder Mailer is a user-friendly and powerful mass email marketing software suitable for both beginners and experienced users. It allows you to efficiently manage your bulk email campaigns, leading to increased productivity and improved results. Differentiating itself with its affordability and speedy delivery, Thunder Mailer offers a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals.

TSR LAN Messenger icon

TSR LAN Messenger

Shareware In English V

TSR LAN Messenger is a cutting-edge software designed to facilitate effortless communication within a Local Area Network (LAN) environment. Utilizing the power of .NET technology and modern cryptography standards, this dynamic messaging client offers a seamless and secure experience.

Mac Mail to Outlook Converter icon

Mac Mail to Outlook Converter

Shareware In English V 2.1.1

Introducing our Mac Mail to Outlook Converter, the ultimate tool for effortlessly transferring mail archives from Mac Mail to Microsoft Outlook. Seamlessly migrate your Mac Mail *.mbox files to a Windows PC with just a few simple steps using our user-friendly converter.

AdiIRC icon


Freeware In English V 1.9.0

Immerse yourself in real-time conversations, connect with diverse communities, and customize your IRC experience with AdiIRC. Secure, powerful, and customizable, it's your gateway to the exciting world of IRC on Windows. Download today and join the conversation!

Entourage to Outlook Converter icon

Entourage to Outlook Converter

Shareware In English V

Entourage is a popular email client software exclusively designed for Mac OS, offering a wide range of features and functionalities to enhance the email experience for Mac users. However, it does not support the Windows operating system or the PST file format used by Microsoft Outlook for Windows.

Opt-In List Manager icon

Opt-In List Manager

Shareware In English V 1.0.46

Introducing Opt-In List Manager: The Fastest and Most Efficient Email List Management System for Your Business Are you struggling to manage your email lists effectively? Need a solution that allows you to perform various operations quickly and effortlessly? Look no further! Opt-In List Manager is here to revolutionize your email list management experience.

You've Got Mail icon

You've Got Mail

Shareware In English V 1.8

Ditch the email refresh! "You've Got Mail" for Windows brings fun animations, charming sounds, and seamless notifications to your inbox. Stay on top of emails without constant checking, boost productivity, and personalize your experience. Download today!