Tabs Studio icon

Tabs Studio

Shareware In English V 3.0.1

With Tabs Studio, the user can efficiently manage all open documents in Visual Studio by grouping and organizing them in a user-friendly manner. This tool is particularly useful for professional Windows application developers, as it supports the latest versions of Visual Studio, including 2005, 2008, 2010, and 2012.

Lexicographic Order Algorithms icon

Lexicographic Order Algorithms

Freeware In English V 1.0

Are you constantly in need of a reliable and efficient tool to calculate the lexicographic order of combinations? Look no further! Our software, along with the provided source code, contains two robust algorithms that can swiftly determine the index or rank of a combination, or find the combination for a given rank.

Generate Random Numbers icon

Generate Random Numbers

Freeware In English V 3.01

Generate Random Numbers Software with Unique Algorithms Generate Random Numbers is a software that provides true random numbers, complete with both the compiled program and the source code. The program utilizes two little-known algorithms that are specifically designed to generate unique and truly random numbers.

EditAll icon


Shareware In English V 1.6.0

EditAll is a versatile file editor that operates at the fundamental level of bits and bytes. It serves as an invaluable tool when no other suitable editor or viewer is available for a specific data format. With its comprehensive range of features, users can easily display and edit file content in various data formats, including signed and unsigned integers of 8, 16, and 32 bits, as well as floating points of 32 and 64 bits.

EZ Common icon

EZ Common

Freeware In English V 4.6.1

SEO is essential for website development and content creation to improve visibility and attract organic traffic. This article explores the concept of SEO friendliness and its importance in online platforms. SEO friendliness optimizes the website structure and content for search engines, increasing the chance of appearing on the first page of search results.

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Freeware In English V 2.0

Skip the tech jargon! SEO Friendly makes registering ActiveX DLLs and OCX files a breeze - no command prompt needed. Boost your website's SEO with this user-friendly Windows tool. Download your free trial today!

Fix rss feed for wordpress icon

Fix rss feed for wordpress

Freeware In English V 3.1

The Fix RSS Feed plugin is a powerful tool designed to resolve common errors encountered when using WordPress RSS feeds. It specifically addresses two common issues: the "Error on line 2: The processing instruction target matching '[xX][mM][lL]' is not allowed" error that occurs when burning WordPress RSS feeds from www.

CAD Export VCL icon

CAD Export VCL

Shareware In English V 9.1

Breathe new life into your Delphi & C++ Builder apps! CAD Export VCL 9.1 lets you effortlessly export CAD drawings to DWG, DXF, SVG, PDF & more. Fast, affordable, and compatible with various platforms & tools.

Optical Barcode Recognition icon

Optical Barcode Recognition

Shareware In English V 3.0

Optical barcode recognition is a crucial component of any developer's toolkit when it comes to building websites and applications. For those working with Delphi and C++ Builder, the Delphi and C++ Builder optical barcode recognition component is an invaluable resource.

Burn CD, DVD, Bluray Component Suite icon

Burn CD, DVD, Bluray Component Suite

Shareware In English V 3.2

Burn images to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays with this powerful Windows toolkit. Developer-friendly features like IMAPI2 integration, full source code access, and royalty-free distribution make it a must-have. Try the free trial!

ComPort icon


Shareware In English V 3.9

Struggling with serial ports on Windows? Say goodbye to headaches! ComPort makes device control and app building a breeze. Download now and unleash the power of serial communication.

Optical Character Recognition icon

Optical Character Recognition

Shareware In English V 4.1

In the world of software development, there are several tools and components that help programmers create efficient and effective applications. One such component is the optical character recognition (OCR) component, specifically designed for use with the Delphi, C++ Builder, and Lazarus programming platforms.

Halp for Microsoft Access icon

Halp for Microsoft Access

Demo In English V 1.0

Halp is a highly efficient and user-friendly tool designed to enhance the help authoring and display experience for Microsoft Access applications. With its seamless integration and intuitive features, developers can effortlessly incorporate Halp into their applications, while end users can easily access relevant help content.

Textract icon


Shareware In English V 3.0

Textract SDK is a powerful tool designed to enable seamless integration of text data from legacy applications into new programs. This versatile software overcomes the limitations of applications that lack communication APIs, such as clipboard copy-paste or OCX/automation support.

Licence Protector icon

Licence Protector

Shareware In English V 4

Looking to protect your newly developed application in a way that is fast, easy, reliable, and cost-effective? Look no further than Licence Protector from Mirage Computer Systems. This software solution offers a range of features and benefits that will ensure your application stays secure.

ComponentSpace SAML v1.1 icon

ComponentSpace SAML v1.1

Demo In English V

Simplify SAML integration and boost security with ComponentSpace SAML v1.1 for Windows. OASIS compliant, versatile, and packed with features for both providers and consumers. Download free trial!

TestingWhiz Community Edition icon

TestingWhiz Community Edition

Freeware In English V 3.2

TestingWhiz Community Edition is a powerful test automation tool designed for individual testers and small teams. With its SEO-friendly features and codeless architecture, TestingWhiz allows users to easily build test cases without the need for programming skills or extensive training.

NanoSpell TinyMce SpellChecker Plugin icon

NanoSpell TinyMce SpellChecker Plugin

Shareware In English V 1.14328

Tinymce spellcheck is a powerful and efficient plugin called Nanospell that eliminates the frustrating experience of encountering the "Spellchecker Error General" message in Tinymce. This error message arises because the Google spellchecking service, which Tinymce previously relied on, has been discontinued.

THRSim11 icon


Freeware In English V 5.30

THRSim11: A Comprehensive Solution for 68HC11 Microcontroller Programming THRSim11 is a powerful program designed to cater to the needs of developers working with the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller. Packed with editing, assembling, simulating, and debugging capabilities, this Windows PC software provides a seamless experience for users seeking a comprehensive solution.

DLLWrapper icon


Shareware In English V 1.03

Breathe new life into your 32-bit software! DLLWrapper seamlessly bridges the gap to 64-bit Windows, saving you money and headaches. Run legacy apps & hardware without expensive upgrades. Try it now!