Sentry-go Quick Exchange Server Monitor icon

Sentry-go Quick Exchange Server Monitor

Shareware In English V 6.35

Introducing Sentry-go Quick Exchange Monitor, the ultimate solution for monitoring Microsoft Exchange servers and optimizing email communication. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, this software revolutionizes the way you monitor essential services, including SMTP, POP3, and IMAP.

BarracudaDrive icon


Freeware In English V 6.1

In today's digital age, BarracudaDrive offers a reliable and secure online file storage solution. With complete control over your own personal cloud, you can easily store, access, and share files without relying on third-party web portals. By leveraging the power of your home network, BarracudaDrive transforms your PC or Mac into a robust online file server, giving you the flexibility to access files from anywhere.

MailEnable Professional icon

MailEnable Professional

Demo In English V 7.04

With its comprehensive range of features and added functionality, MailEnable Professional Edition surpasses the capabilities of MailEnable Standard Edition. This all-inclusive email solution caters specifically to the needs of small to medium-sized organizations, making it the perfect choice for mail hosting.

MailEnable Standard icon

MailEnable Standard

Freeware In English V 7.04

MailEnable Standard Edition is a comprehensive email solution that offers a range of features and services for Windows Server systems. With its user-friendly installation process and robust administration software, MailEnable allows users to quickly set up and manage their email services.

MailEnable Enterprise Edition icon

MailEnable Enterprise Edition

Demo In English V 7.04

MailEnable Enterprise Edition is a powerful and comprehensive email management solution designed for organizations, hosting companies, or ISPs dealing with high volumes of mail. It offers enhanced control and flexibility over mail services, making it ideal for businesses that require advanced administration features and improved security measures.

FTPshell Server icon

FTPshell Server

Shareware In English V 6.12

FTPshell Server is a comprehensive and versatile software package that combines the functionalities of a Secure FTP Server and an SSH2 Secure Shell Server. With its support for multiple file transfer and remote access protocols such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Telnet, and Secure Shell, FTPshell Server is an ideal solution for individuals and organizations seeking a reliable and secure method of transferring and accessing files over the internet.

FileCOPA FTP Server icon

FileCOPA FTP Server

Shareware In English V 8.01

In today's digital age, having a secure and reliable FTP server is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Managing and configuring an FTP server can often be a complex and time-consuming task. However, with FileCOPA, all the hard work is taken out of running a secure FTP server, making it the go-to choice for business users.

Gattaca Server icon

Gattaca Server

Freeware In English V

Gattaca Server is an exceptional solution that offers the perfect e-post service for both internal and external communication within your organization's central or regional office. This server is fully featured and 100% compatible with existing standards such as POP3 and SMTP mail servers.

Advanced Direct Remailer icon

Advanced Direct Remailer

Shareware In English V 2.51

Advanced Direct Remailer (ADR) is a robust remailer and mass mailer that enables you to send your messages directly to the recipient's mail server, bypassing your ISP's SMTP server. This feature makes ADR an excellent tool for efficient and effective email communication.

CCProxy icon


Shareware In English V 7.3

CCProxy is a powerful proxy server software that is designed to enhance internet browsing and control access within a Local Area Network (LAN). Developed by Youngzsoft, CCProxy has gained popularity as an efficient and user-friendly solution for managing internet connections.

UserGate Mail Server icon

UserGate Mail Server

Shareware In English V 2.9

UserGate Mail Server is an exceptional and robust mail gateway solution that has been designed with utmost precision, ensuring efficient email management. With integrated antispam and antivirus modules, this server guarantees top-notch security for all your email communications.

WT-NMP icon


Freeware In English V 14

WT-NMP is a portable server stack optimized for SEO-friendly PHP MySQL development on Windows. It offers a range of features and benefits that align with search engine guidelines and best practices. With its lightweight profile and preconfigured setup, WT-NMP provides developers with a hassle-free solution for creating and testing applications.

Thureus HMIBuilder icon

Thureus HMIBuilder

Shareware In English V 1.20

Thureus HMIBuilder is a versatile shareware program designed to support industrial OPC/DDE servers and provide a user-friendly interface for visualizing real-time data. Field engineers with no programming experience can easily create custom designs using its simple fill-in-the-blank approach.

ALLMediaServer icon


Freeware In English V 0.94

ALLMediaServer: The Ultimate DLNA Server for Seamless Media Streaming Looking for a user-friendly DLNA server that allows you to enjoy your favorite movies, music, and photos from your computer on your TV, smartphone, or other DLNA-compatible devices? Look no further than ALLMediaServer.

UserGate Proxy & Firewall icon

UserGate Proxy & Firewall

Shareware In English V 6.5

UserGate Proxy & Firewall is a comprehensive UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution that offers seamless sharing and monitoring of employees' access to both local and internet resources. With its robust features, UserGate not only filters FTP and HTTP traffic but also efficiently administers the network within your company.

Hide ALL IP icon


Shareware In English V 2013.06.01

Hide ALL IP is an incredible software solution designed to protect your online privacy and enhance your internet browsing experience. It is considered the best IP hide software globally, offering unmatched features to hide your IP address from snoopers and hackers.

Internet Administrator for Network icon

Internet Administrator for Network

Shareware In English V 3.0

Internet Administrator is a revolutionary software solution designed to monitor internet traffic on networks of any size. With its advanced features and capabilities, it provides seamless control over internet access, generates comprehensive reports, and empowers administrators to effectively block specific users from accessing certain websites or content.

Advanced Email Parser Workstation icon

Advanced Email Parser Workstation

Shareware In English V 2.23

Advanced Email Parser is not just your average email processing tool; it is a multifunctional and highly efficient system that revolutionizes the way you handle email messages. With its numerous features and capabilities, this tool has been designed to make email processing faster, easier, and more effective for users.

Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server icon

Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server

Shareware In English V 2.2.5

Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server: The Ultimate Solution for Efficiently Restoring Exchange Data Microsoft Exchange Server is a comprehensive mail exchange and collaboration suite that offers an extensive range of features. As an integral part of Microsoft's Server line of products, it addresses almost every possible communication requirement for corporate users, including messaging, calendaring, task management, contact storage, and secure mobile and web-based access to corporate information.

Recovery Toolbox for Lotus Notes icon

Recovery Toolbox for Lotus Notes

Shareware In English V 2.2.7

Recovery Toolbox for Lotus Notes: A Comprehensive Solution for Efficient Data Recovery In today's fast-paced corporate environment, effective communication and collaboration are vital for the success of any organization. For those heavily relying on Lotus Notes as a communication and collaboration platform, the importance of a reliable data recovery tool cannot be overstated.